How A Dallas GA Chiropractor Helps Achieve Wellness

A person’s state of health contributes or detracts from his or her enjoyment of life. When there is chronic pain it is difficult to take pleasure or satisfaction in any activities. It makes working difficult to impossible. The professionals at Dallas GA Chiropractic have a perfect understanding of how pain can affect someone.

Taking care of ones health involves a great many things. A nutritious diet and drinking eight glasses of water a day are recommended by a chiropractor. Along with getting enough sleep every night, these things will help maintain a healthy body and mind.

If you are not one of the fortunate ones who have perfect health at this time, it does not mean you cannot improve it in the years to come. If your health is excellent wellness care can help you keep it that way. Preventative care applies to teeth, internal organs and the skeletal system.

For your teeth, you visit the dentist twice a year. The dentist checks for cavities and the hygienist cleans them. This is how you prevent cavities from growing large. Your physician inoculates you against many communicable diseases. This is how you maintain good health.

It is no different when it comes to protecting your spine and nervous system. The spinal vertebrae hold the spinal cord where all the nerve roots are located. Your nerves activate all movement in the body. Keeping the spine correctly aligned is every bit as important as keeping your teeth healthy.

It is obvious that wellness care with a chiropractor is equally important. One office appointment is all that is required to maintain spinal health. An exam will discover any misalignment that will become a serious problem if not taken care of. In the absence of a need for adjustments, your chiropractor is an excellent source of information to help you maintain your health now and into your senior years.

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Discover How A Dallas GA Chiropractor Helps Achieve Pain Relief Quickly

When most people are having issues performing routine tasks due to extreme aches and discomfort, they usually turn to their primary doctor for assistance. However, many individuals would rather avoid the methods by which physicians tend to address these problems. A Dallas GA chiropractic care facility may be able to provide pain relief in a quick and natural way.

Traditional medicine typically tends painful issues in one of two main ways. The first is through pharmaceutical intervention, using prescription drugs to dull the aches and provide the patient with temporary relief. The second option, usually reserved only for the mot intense situations, is to use surgical procedures to correct the source of the discomfort.

The problem that some individuals have with these approaches is that both of them pose additional issues. Pharmaceutical products may provide fast, effective and temporary relief, though they pose a risk of negative side effects, causing the patient even more worries. The obvious drawbacks to surgery are that it is invasive, often requires lengthy recovery, and that drug therapy is typically needed as follow up care.

Chiropractors focus on the natural relationship between the three systems of neural, skeletal and muscular. Issues and diseases that are centered in these areas are known as neuroskeletalmuscular and can be quite painful. Using a myriad of available techniques and methods that are based on correcting any dysfunctions in this trio of networks, it is possible to gain relief safely, quickly and without invasive measures or negative effects.

Many of these issues are caused by some sort of misalignment in the patient’s joints or spine. Chiropractors use their extensive understanding of the inner workings of human anatomy to manually adjust the placement of affected bones. This relieves pressure on trapped muscles and nerves, allowing the body to start the natural healing process and alleviating pain.

Each case is evaluated based on its individual merits. Based on the information collected by reviewing patient medical history, and performing select diagnostic tests and procedures, the doctor formulates a personalized approach. Methods used may include manual adjustments, therapeutic massage, exercise or TENS.

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Back In Line Chiropractic In Dallas GA, Offers Pain Neutralization Technique

PRESS RELEASE: Dallas GA, 10-MARCH-2016 – Back In Line Chiropractic Spine & Injury Professional Center and Dr. LaDonna C. Bense DC, are pleased to announce that the doctor is trained and experienced in the implementation of the Pain Neutralization Technique. The Dallas GA chiropractic professional has the skills which are needed to apply PNT for patients, particularly those who suffer from chronic pain. PNT doesn’t use drugs or invasive methods to eliminate long-standing pain symptoms.

The technique uses gentle touches on specific points to switch off nerve reflexes that are the cause of muscle pain and the small knots which are embedded in the fibers of the tissues. The evolution of the technique began with the Golgi Tendon Organ Reflex, also known as the Clasp Knife Reflex. This defensive reflex is a way for muscles to be protected against injury.

The specific stimulation which is included in the technique is paired with accurate positioning and light hand pressure. The combo causes the muscle to be stimulated, followed by relaxation. The painful trigger points are resolved. It is not necessary to use excessive force, since the technique isn’t based on mechanical force, unlike other trigger point therapies, such as deep tissue massage.

The light fingertip pressure is not painful. Some patients are so relaxed that they are able to sleep during the therapy sessions. The technique is effective for the relief of a broad range of pain types. Some examples are headache and migraine, neck and lumbar pain, sciatica, tennis elbow and TMJ.

Learn more about pain neutralization methods by paying a visit to the web pages here at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the details of this specific press release are invited to contact Dr. LaDonna C. Bense DC at the location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. LaDonna C. Bense DC

Company Name: Back In Line Chiropractic

Address: 110 Evans Mill Drive, Suite 105, Dallas GA 30157

Contact Telephone Number: (770) 505-5665



Summary: Back In Line Chiropractic offers pain neutralization techniques for relief of various painful conditions. PNT is free of drugs and invasive methods.