Learn about Natural Pain Relief Options with Dallas Chiropractor

When it comes to natural pain relief a Dallas Ga. Chiropractor has had big success. Traditional medicine always wants to add something to try and heal our illnesses and or injuries. A medicine a procedure a surgery or something on that order will be added by the MD. The human body is designed to heal itself when conditions are right. The mission of the Chiropractic Doctor is to create an environment that will promote healing.

This Dallas GA Chiropractor treats each and every patient with kindness and compassion. Each is given a custom care plan specific to their individual needs. Our Chiropractic Dr. uses only the safest and most natural procedures to deliver the most successful and effective treatment for your specific situation and symptoms. Our goal is to deliver to you the comfort and relief you are seeking.

When a new patient comes to this Dallas GA Chiropractic office we always do a complete and comprehensive exam including x-rays. This allows our doctors and staff to gain valuable insight into your situation. The results of that exam is then used to lay out a custom care plan especially for you.

When muscles are tense and tight or soft tissue inflamed there is an emergent need restore blood flow to the affected area or areas. This is done with massage of some kind. Machine aided massage or simple hand massage depending on the situation at hand. Ultra sound might be used. Ice therapy heat Therapy electrical muscle Stimulation acupuncture Acupressure, cold laser therapy, micro current therapy, spinal decompression therapy, cryotherapy, and interferential electro-therapy are just a few of the natural therapies available for your health and well being.

Again in order for the human body to heal itself conditions must be right. Every high tech state-of-the-art tool or treatment is available at this Dallas GA Chiropractic office. This is our job, this is what we do. We help to create that perfect environment for your body to heal itself.

Discover How a Dallas GA Chiropractic Office Helps Alleviate Muscle Pain

There are 206 bones in the human body. There is almost as many muscles in the human body as bones. Two hundred muscles to be exact. This is amazing since we humans tend to try and take care of our bones but take our muscles for granted. Our muscles are just as complicated as our bones in that they are quite complex in the work they do as well as in what can go wrong with them. Muscles can have spasms they can get strained or tight become inflamed or injured. Visible knots may appear on the damaged muscle. This is all very painful.

Traditionally the approach of the medical world was to give an injection to mask the pain. This was only therapeutic in that it gave the patient some much needed respite from the pain but it didn’t do much else. Today’s technology allows for a much better road to wellness. The Dallas GA Chiropractor will get to the source of your pain by accessing your situation and using state of the art tools to determine a therapeutic path to wellness. X-rays will help to show the area to target with the prescribed therapies. These therapies are custom designed for you using all the data derived from your screening.

There are some fine methods for alleviating muscle pain and restoring you to health. The Dallas GA Chiropractor will use every method available for your therapy. Massage is one of the greats since it warms up the soft tissue and relaxes you. This soothes the muscles relieves inflammation and promotes healing. Heat therapy and cold therapy also are sometimes utilized for muscle pain. Heat massage and ice massage are both used to calm and comfort aching muscles.

ART is an acronym for the therapy named Active Release Technique. This is a state of the art soft tissue system which provides therapy for injuries to the muscles tendons ligaments fascia and nerves. This therapy can be beneficial for patients with acute chronic overuse and repetitive strain injuries.

Ultra Sound can increase blood flow to the injured area and promote healing. It is done by using sound waves to micro-massage the soft tissue and joints. These sound waves are administered by an applicator and a gel is used for ease of application.

EMS Electrical muscle stimulation is delivered by electrodes that are connected to an Electric Stimulation Machine. The electrodes are placed around the affected area. This type of muscle stimulation is used to control pain and promote healing.

Laser Therapy is the ultimate panacea for healing and quick recovery. The class 4 K-Laser works fast and efficient to stop pain and relieve inflammation. According recent studies patients are saying the pain subsides almost instantly.

The Adjustment (this is not your grandmother’s adjustment) Time changes everything. This is true in Dallas GA chiropractic as well. Through the years of research and discovery one thing we have learned is how the human body works. We are made of flesh and bone with muscles and nerves supporting all this. The nervous system directly affects every other system in our body. If something is wrong with our body’s alignment then the nerves are displaced and it throws our whole system out of tune. This is why the alignment is probably the most critical part of your healing process.

How a Dallas GA Chiropractor Helps You Stay Active

In years past, people were busy, very busy. A large percentage of life involved farming. You get up before the break of day and retire to bed early to start the busy day all over again. People seemed, from all accounts to take life easier in spite of the busy days. Life was not as complicated or confusing. Life was simple and without the stress we see in today’s society.

Today you live in a very complicated, sometimes confusing, and very busy society. It seems as though so much of work and private life demand the attention of individuals that it is more than many can handle. Computers, Internet, fast food establishments, faster cars, more rapid communication, make you feel like things are spinning out of control.

The bottom line is that life is dramatically different from what grandma and grandpa knew when they were growing up. While you expect all these changes because of increased technologies, it leaves you scratching your head thinking, “Isn’t all of these new technologies supposed to make life easier?” Many people are becoming tired of the rat race.

How do you cope and what do you do to help yourself stay active, in the right way in this face paced the world?

For one thing, it does not matter how busy life is for you; you must take care of your body, your mind, and refresh your spirit daily or you are going to start lagging.

Life is about being active, in a right way. If you enjoy biking, running, walking, water sports, contact sports, you must save time to fit these into your busy life. Everyone has 24-hours a day, including the President of the United States, it is the quality you put into that 24-hours that make all the difference. What happens when you are dealing with pain, trying to meet the demands of a busy schedule?

A doctor once said, “If I went to the doctors for every pain I had, I would be at the doctor’s office all the time.” This statement is true in a way, except when the pain gets out of hand it makes life harder. Pain zaps all of your energy and time, and you barely can get through your day, let alone spend time on yourself. Pain is not your problem, but a stern warning that something in your body is wrong. Once you take care of the underlying problems (s) causing your pain life becomes more active and tolerable.

Never give up the things you enjoy because your pain is out of control. There are some options you can try if you open up your mind, and you expect favorable results.

Do you yearn to make life more enjoyable, and increase the quality of your life? Exercise gives you more enjoyment and energy to meet each day. A Dallas GA Chiropractic service offers many ways to help you become more active through the following approaches.

  • Spinal adjustments, helping put your skeletal structure into better position
  • Massage therapy removes stress, loosens tight muscles
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases vitality
  • Gives your body increase energy
  • Loosens up tight muscles and strengthens muscles
  • To help decrease pain
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Offers ideas for better nutrition to feed the body
  • Help you devise sensible exercise plans
  • Offers ideas for better nutrition to feed the body
  • Help you devise practical exercise plans

You must set a time aside for an exercise and stretch program to help your body remain flexible and more mobile. Do not forget; you live in a busy world, and you need to keep active in a right way.