Back In Line Chiropractic in Dallas GA Offers Electrical Muscle Stimulation

If you are experiencing chronic or acute back pain and spasms, Electrical Muscle
Stimulation may help you find relief. Call or contact Back in Line Chiropractic to
find out more about this and other healthcare challenges related to Chiropractic

Dallas, GA – April 20 – If you are looking for a chiropractor in Dallas GA, then Back in Line Chiropractic is
a great place to start. Dr. LaDonna Bense is a chiropractor serving the Dallas GA and surrounding area.
At Back in Line Chiropractic, our central goal is devoted to giving chiropractic care tailored to your
individual needs. At your first visit, Dr. Bense will clarify how chiropractic care works and she will give
you an examination to check whether chiropractic care can help. If so, we will tailor a care plan to
address your issues, objectives and physical condition. One of the therapies we sometimes use is
Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is an uncommon approach to help the body recuperate from back
pain. This involves sending an electrical current into the influenced soft tissue affected by injury or
muscles spasms. This technique uses the current to help diminish swelling and loosen trigger points that
cause the body to seize up. During the process, the body to releases endorphins, a natural pain reliever.
This is an awesome option if you are experiencing neck or back spasms. It serves well in loosening the
muscle and letting it return to a normal state. Short sessions can aid healing for those suffering from
acute and recurring pain. Feel what it is like to experience pain relief with EMS by visiting you local
chiropractor in Dallas GA at Back in Line Chiropractic.

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Chiropractic care is a great way to heal your body naturally without surgery or drugs. If you have been
suffering from acute or chronic pain, then you have suffered enough.
To visit your Chiropractor Dallas GA, contact Back in Line Chiropractic by calling us at 770-505-5665, or
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The Four Phases of Spinal Degeneration with a Chiropractor in Dallas G


The best course of action when creating a chiropractic plan of care is to set a goal of prevention and ward off problems with your spinal health before they begin. The earlier the fight against spinal degeneration begins, the better the body will be able to heal itself. That said, here are the four phases of spinal degeneration that may be managed when visiting a chiropractor in Dallas GA for preventative care.

Phase One

During this phase, an individual may experience a minor degradation such as curvature and spinal imbalance. Typically, no pain is felt during this phase, although there are areas of the spine that include the nerves and discs that begin to age at a more rapid pace. With chiropractic care, the spine can be normalized. However, without the proper care, the spine will continue to be misaligned which will lead to phase two of spinal degeneration.

Phase Two

At this phase, narrowing of the discs begin to occur and causes deformities in the bone, resulting in a narrow spinal canal, poor posture due to discomfort and pain along with fatigue. The range of motion can become very limited causing the patient to feel achy and stiff. Bone and disc damage may be irreversible at this phase. At this point, most individuals can recover with the proper chiropractic care.

Phase Three

The patient may begin to experience a loss of height and energy as well as more severe mental and physical issues that began during phase two. The potential for bone, nerve and disc damage is increased, however, a slight reversal of damage is possible and the symptoms experienced in phase two can be lessened if the patient is proactive with seeking care. Without chiropractic care, the spine can begin to fuse together.

Phase Four

During the last stage of spinal degeneration, irreversible damage will occur and severe nerve damage and scar tissue will develop.  The vertebra will become fused and the patient may experience permanent neurological and bone damage. The limited range of motion experienced in phases two and three will become extremely restricted and could create further health issues.

Not all hope is lost when dealing with spinal degeneration. A chiropractor can help you to better understand your healthcare needs, set goals and establish a plan of care designed especially for you.

Causes Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from a Dallas GA Chiropractic Office

On average, people spend seventy percent or more of their time working at their jobs within the career they chose. As they work, they may be required to move their hands in a strenuous, constant or repetitive manner or use heavy tools or vibrating equipment and machinery. This exposes them to the risk of experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome or CTS in short.

Over the years, much data has been analyzed in regards to the causes of CTS. Although the analysis is inconclusive, there exists an astonishing correlation between certain career lines and an increased susceptibility and severity of CTS cases. By consulting with a chiropractor Dallas GA inhabitants can determine the causes of CTS.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS occurs when prolonged and excessive pressure is placed on the median nerve, which runs up through the carpal bones and into the hand. The typical symptoms of CTS include numbness, tingling and shooting pain. Researchers say that men are less affected by this condition than women. Studies also show that the condition attacks people of between 30 and 60 years of age.

Other common factors related to developing or having a more serious CTS condition include, obesity, arthritis, neuropathy, diabetes, cancer, liver or kidney failure, autoimmune disorder, advanced age, possible genetic tendencies or previous injuries. CTS is mostly connected to a biological tendency to the condition but the profession you choose will have an effect on how serious your CTS could be if you are prone to suffering from it to begin with. This is the balance that a Dallas, Georgia chiropractic practitioner can help you to determine.

Your best defense against CTS is to do everything you can to protect your hands, wrists, and arms. Wear braces and gloves when possible. Take as many short breaks as possible to give your hands a few minutes to rest.

It would be good for you to learn how to carry out massage and helpful exercises from a chiropractor. You can also inform your supervisor about your susceptibility to carpal tunnel syndrome. Your supervisor may make changes to your work area to help fight the condition.

Back In Line Chiropractic in Dallas Ga Help Realign Vertebrae Through Adjustments Back pain

Back In Line can help with proper adjustments.

Dallas, GA – March 20, 2017 – Back In Line offers traditional chiropractic adjustments – the classic solution to back pain in all of its forms. Their office focuses on providing high quality, personalized care to every patient that walks through their door.

Back In Line offers both manual and instrument-based adjustment, moving vertebrae back into place and freeing up trapped nerves, as well as bringing the body back into proper alignment. This allows for optimum health and improved athletic performance.
Vertebrae can drift out of line over time, or be knocked out of place by trauma, such as a car accident, slip and fall, or athletic injury. The movement of vertebrae is small – a good Dallas GA chiropractor is not hitting you in the back all over the place. Back In Line performs care in their state of art, conveniently located clinic, and will help deal with insurance, or offer payment plans. Their treatment does not involve drugs, but they may recommend supplements and nutritional changes.
Back In Line’s goal is to bring their patients back on track, restore structural balance and help with rehabilitation from auto accidents and other injuries. Dr. Bense is a highly-trained professional who helps her patients return to optimum health, whether due to an injury or accident or simply the wear and tear of time.
Chiropractic adjustment is a drug free, natural therapy that has no side effects when properly performed and will help patients realize that they were not at their best, perhaps for years. Those suffering from back pain or who have been in an accident should call Back In Line Chiropractic to schedule an initial appointment and start back on the road to health.
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