Determining If Spinal Decompression Is Right For You with a Chiropractor in Dallas GA

If you have pain in any area of your spine as a result of an illness or injury, you are not alone. Back and spine pain are common symptoms that many people face at one time or another. There are many solutions to this type of uncomfortable condition and spinal decompression is one of them.

Defining Spinal Decompression

In order to consider it, you first need to know what spinal decompression is. It does not involve surgery at all. What it does involve is motorized traction that stretches the spine in a gentle, safe way. The stretching motion decreases the pressure that has been occurring on the disks in the spine. It also changes the position of the spine.

Benefits of Spinal Decompression

You might be wondering whether spinal decompression actually helps. How much it helps varies from patient to patient, especially considering that each patient and their needs are completely unique and individual. But yes, in many cases, spinal decompression does help. It can help to ease back pain, for one thing because it decreases the pressure that had been occurring on the nerves and other parts of the spine. It assists in the movement of oxygen, water and beneficial fluids to the disks in the spine. That promotes healing.

Symptoms and Issues That Spinal Decompression Can Help

Spinal decompression can help with many symptoms. Those include issues like back pain, sciatica, neck pain, degenerative disk disease, herniated or bulging disks in the spine, diseased or injured nerve roots in the spine, and posterior facet syndrome, which is the technical term for worn spinal joints.

As you can probably see, spinal decompression can be a safe and effective modality for a variety of issues that involve the spine. But is spinal decompression the right choice for you? Do your research, gather information, and ask questions. Also ask your local chiropractor what they recommend based on your individual health needs. Weigh the pros and cons, and make the best choice you can based on the information you have.

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