Back In Line Chiropractic Is the #1 Accident Injury Chiropractor in Dallas GA

Serving Dallas, GA and surrounding areas, Back in Line Chiropractic provides
several therapies to alleviate auto injury pain. Corrective care and physiotherapy
promote recovery from spinal misalignments and soft-tissue injuries.
Dallas, GA–August 20, 2017- Back in Line Chiropractic wants the public to know that they provide extensive therapies to help patients manage
auto injury pain. Chiropractic care effectively mitigates several conditions associated with auto accidents, such as whiplash, neck and back pain, fatigue, muscle spasms, dizziness, headaches, and difficulty sleeping and concentrating.
The impact of a car crash can push spinal bones out of alignment. Dr. LaDonna Bense and her staff at Back In Line Chiropractic can administer spinal manipulations to correct this problem. Therapy may also include cervical curvature restoration to restore the spine’s natural arc.
Many patients suffer from herniated discs after an auto accident, too, and chiropractic care can restore them to their normal condition.
Auto injury pain can also be caused by soft – tissue injuries. Muscles, ligaments, and tendons can become stretched and torn, leading to bleeding, swelling, and reduced functioning. To help patients reap maximum therapeutic benefits, Dr. Bense may include heat or ice therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, or mechanical traction in their care plans.
Another component of chiropractic care is physiotherapy. To augment the benefits of corrective therapies, auto accident patients are given exercise plans to improve joint flexibility and range of motion at Back In Line Chiropractic.

New patients undergo a thorough exam to identify all musculoskeletal structures that have been affected by the collision. Therapy plans are customized according to each person’s unique circumstances. The goal is to not only accelerate recovery, but to encourage auto injury sufferers to

achieve and maintain optimal health.
To learn more about how Dr. Bense can help alleviate your auto injury pain, Members of the press and other individuals who have questions about the details of this press release can reach the facility through the “Contact Us” link on their website, or
using the following information:

Contact Information:
Back in Line Chiropractic
110 Evans Mill Drive, Ste. 105
Dallas, GA 30157
(770) 505-5665
(770) 505-5654

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