Back In Line Chiropractic in Dallas GA Now Offering Cold Laser Therapy

Professional Chiropractic Services for Chronic and Recurring Pain

Dallas, GA – May20, 2017 – Back In Line Chiropractic Spine and Injury now offers cold laser therapy
services for all patients. As a premier chiropractor in Dallas GA, Dr. LaDonna Bense is proud to add this
technique to her facility’s many services. Cold Laser Therapy is a form of pain-management, which
utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue. The levels of interaction are adjusted by
presiding chiropractors and help target any pain, swelling or abnormalities within the tissue. This service
is also known as Low-Level Laser Theray (LLLT), and continues to help patients deal with pain and other
mobility issues.

Cold Laser Therapy helps expedite the healing process for patients. This includes sports injuries, along
with stretched ligaments or torn tendons. The technique also helps in muscle recovery due to sprains,
wrenches, or other extensive problems. With true tact and precision, the staff at Back In Line
Chiropractic can easily rectify or correct muscle tissues problems or issues. This world-renowned
technique has been heralded for securing timely results for a range of chiropractic and back issues.

Back In Line Chiropractic is proud to serve the Greater Dallas, Georgia, area with the best in cold laser
therapies and techniques. The clinic is committed to helping patients regain their mobility and lives, and
handle all types of pain-related problems and issues. For patients that are tired of dealing with recurring
pain, now is the right time to get “Back in Line” with proven and dedicated relief services. Simply visit
their website or contact the clinic today to schedule an appointment.

Contact Information:
Back In Line Chiropractic
Dr. LaDonna C. Bense
110 Evans Mill Dr. #105
Dallas, GA 30157

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