Understanding Spinal Decompression with a Chiropractor in Dallas GA

Spinal compression is a common, yet extensive chiropractic issue that mainly affects senior citizens. However, this problem can also affect anyone at any age. In a nutshell, spinal compression is an external compression of the spinal cord, which causes a range of physical and neurological symptoms. Any licensed chiropractor in Dallas GA has the tools to help patients alleviate the pain and recover from this problem.

Most patients with spinal compression experience pain, numbness, and weakness. They also tend to experience tingling in their extremities. While this problem mainly stems from pressure on the spinal cord, spinal decompression is the main technique utilized to relieve the pressure. In addition, chiropractors will check the body for, and address, any underlying issues that are causing this abnormality.

Doctors will take scans and x-rays, along with lab tests and imaging. They also explain the issue in great detail to patients, which helps them understand what they are experiencing and dealing with. Some patients may also be experiencing compression due to spinal trauma, degenerative diseases and even abscess and tumors. In these extreme cases, surgical procedures may be needed to fully correct and rectify the issues. These procedures can also repair any external fractures or pressure on the spinal cord and column as well.

However, Dallas GA chiropractors offer spinal decompression therapies for patients of all ages. This mainly involves stretching the spine on a traction table or similar motorized device. The main goal, of course, is to completely relieve the pressure and pain on the back and legs. This is a non-surgical procedure, which has been proven to alleviate the tension and stress on the spine.

If you are experiencing chronic or recurring back or spinal pain, do not wait for the problem to get worse. Get checked out and find out if spinal decompression could be the answer you are looking for.

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