Back In Line Chiropractic in Dallas Ga Help Realign Vertebrae Through Adjustments Back pain

Back In Line can help with proper adjustments.

Dallas, GA – March 20, 2017 – Back In Line offers traditional chiropractic adjustments – the classic solution to back pain in all of its forms. Their office focuses on providing high quality, personalized care to every patient that walks through their door.

Back In Line offers both manual and instrument-based adjustment, moving vertebrae back into place and freeing up trapped nerves, as well as bringing the body back into proper alignment. This allows for optimum health and improved athletic performance.
Vertebrae can drift out of line over time, or be knocked out of place by trauma, such as a car accident, slip and fall, or athletic injury. The movement of vertebrae is small – a good Dallas GA chiropractor is not hitting you in the back all over the place. Back In Line performs care in their state of art, conveniently located clinic, and will help deal with insurance, or offer payment plans. Their treatment does not involve drugs, but they may recommend supplements and nutritional changes.
Back In Line’s goal is to bring their patients back on track, restore structural balance and help with rehabilitation from auto accidents and other injuries. Dr. Bense is a highly-trained professional who helps her patients return to optimum health, whether due to an injury or accident or simply the wear and tear of time.
Chiropractic adjustment is a drug free, natural therapy that has no side effects when properly performed and will help patients realize that they were not at their best, perhaps for years. Those suffering from back pain or who have been in an accident should call Back In Line Chiropractic to schedule an initial appointment and start back on the road to health.
Contact Information:
For more information on chiropractic services, please contact or visit:
Back in Line Chiropractic
110 Evans Mill Dr. #105
Dallas, GA 30157
Phone: (770) 505-5665
Fax: (770) 505-5654

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