Understand Natural Pain Relief Options with Dallas GA Chiropractic Office

Dallas GA chiropractic offers personalized care to help patients manage pain naturally.

At their first visit, patients undergo a thorough exam in which the practitioner takes digital images of affected areas to determine the underlying causes of pain. Several techniques and therapies are employed to help patients achieve optimal health.

When spinal vertebrae become misaligned due to trauma or everyday activities, chiropractors perform adjustments (also called manipulations) to move affected joints back into place. Proper positioning of the spine allows for uninhibited nerve signal transmission, enabling all the body’s systems to function at their best. Adjustments are usually painless.

Massage alleviates muscle spasms and accelerates healing of soft tissue injuries. This therapeutic technique also improves circulation, increases flexibility, and releases toxins that have built up within muscles.

Acupuncture promotes natural healing. The Dallas GA chiropractic doctor places needles at precise points, applying heat or electrical stimulation to encourage biochemical responses from the nervous system that reduce pain and restore proper balance to organs and body systems.

Combining cold laser technology and electrical stimulation, cold laser therapy helps to reduce pain and promote healing. It’s been used to effectively alleviate inflammatory conditions, such as tendonitis, arthritis, sprains, and a variety of other painful issues.

DTS therapy serves as an alternative to surgery. This gentle approach includes spinal decompression and adjunctive therapies that reduce pain and facilitate healing.

Cryotherapy involves the application of cold compresses to the skin to reduce pain and muscle spasms. It can be done in-office and at home.

With spinal decompression, negative pressure is placed on discs to alleviate pain and swelling and restore proper nerve function.

Many patients with musculoskeletal conditions benefit from shortwave diathermy, which delivers heat through a magnetic field to soothe irritated nerves and soft tissues.

Electrical muscle stimulation targets soft tissues and helps the body release endorphins that alleviate pain and assist in healing.

Microcurrent therapy replicates naturally-occurring nerve signals to reduce pain.

In addition, Dallas GA chiropractic recommends orthotics and therapeutic exercises to reduce the risk of pain and injury.

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