Understand Available Solutions for Pain with Dallas GA Chiropractic Office

Pain can wear away at your life, and the side effects from painkillers do not help either – drowsiness, fuzzy thinking and others that can make it impossible to work, drive, or even function. If you have acute or chronic pain you might have been told that a chiropractor can help.

Dallas GA chiropractic clinics offer more, these days, than just traditional chiropractic adjustment – although this can be very effective for back pain or referred pain from the back. They may also offer therapeutic massage and other natural pain relief techniques which can include cold laser therapy, acupuncture, non-surgical spinal decompression, ultrasound therapy, etc. In addition, they can help with exercise techniques, custom orthotics, ergonomic advice and other lifestyle changes which can help not just make the pain go away but keep it from coming back.

A good chiropractic clinic will create a customized plan for each patient that is designed to deal with their particular condition and lifestyle, and which takes into account your job, the activities you enjoy, etc. Chiropractic looks at the root cause of the pain, which is often a problem with posture, and also helps you work towards strengthening muscles and improving health. If you are trapped in a cycle of pain and pills, chiropractic care can break that cycle.

Chiropractors do not perform surgery or prescribe drugs, although they may take X-rays and in some situations may refer you to another professional – for example, chiropractic care is not helpful for minor fractures, which may require a different approach. The treatments they use have few or no side effects and they can get you back mobile and working again, with minimal downtime.

If you have acute or chronic pain, consider making an appointment with a Dallas chiropractor to find out what they can do to get you back to a pain free life.

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