Discover How a Dallas GA Chiropractic Office Helps Alleviate Muscle Pain

There are 206 bones in the human body. There is almost as many muscles in the human body as bones. Two hundred muscles to be exact. This is amazing since we humans tend to try and take care of our bones but take our muscles for granted. Our muscles are just as complicated as our bones in that they are quite complex in the work they do as well as in what can go wrong with them. Muscles can have spasms they can get strained or tight become inflamed or injured. Visible knots may appear on the damaged muscle. This is all very painful.

Traditionally the approach of the medical world was to give an injection to mask the pain. This was only therapeutic in that it gave the patient some much needed respite from the pain but it didn’t do much else. Today’s technology allows for a much better road to wellness. The Dallas GA Chiropractor will get to the source of your pain by accessing your situation and using state of the art tools to determine a therapeutic path to wellness. X-rays will help to show the area to target with the prescribed therapies. These therapies are custom designed for you using all the data derived from your screening.

There are some fine methods for alleviating muscle pain and restoring you to health. The Dallas GA Chiropractor will use every method available for your therapy. Massage is one of the greats since it warms up the soft tissue and relaxes you. This soothes the muscles relieves inflammation and promotes healing. Heat therapy and cold therapy also are sometimes utilized for muscle pain. Heat massage and ice massage are both used to calm and comfort aching muscles.

ART is an acronym for the therapy named Active Release Technique. This is a state of the art soft tissue system which provides therapy for injuries to the muscles tendons ligaments fascia and nerves. This therapy can be beneficial for patients with acute chronic overuse and repetitive strain injuries.

Ultra Sound can increase blood flow to the injured area and promote healing. It is done by using sound waves to micro-massage the soft tissue and joints. These sound waves are administered by an applicator and a gel is used for ease of application.

EMS Electrical muscle stimulation is delivered by electrodes that are connected to an Electric Stimulation Machine. The electrodes are placed around the affected area. This type of muscle stimulation is used to control pain and promote healing.

Laser Therapy is the ultimate panacea for healing and quick recovery. The class 4 K-Laser works fast and efficient to stop pain and relieve inflammation. According recent studies patients are saying the pain subsides almost instantly.

The Adjustment (this is not your grandmother’s adjustment) Time changes everything. This is true in Dallas GA chiropractic as well. Through the years of research and discovery one thing we have learned is how the human body works. We are made of flesh and bone with muscles and nerves supporting all this. The nervous system directly affects every other system in our body. If something is wrong with our body’s alignment then the nerves are displaced and it throws our whole system out of tune. This is why the alignment is probably the most critical part of your healing process.

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