How A Dallas GA Chiropractic Office Helps Auto Accident Injury Victims

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAutomobile accidents cause injuries to thousands of Americans every year. In some cases, those injuries cause lifelong pain for the accident victims. Many people find the relief they need when they visit a Dallas GA chiropractor.

The 24 vertebrae in the back work together to allow the body to sit, stand, bend over, and twist. When two adjacent vertebrae fail to move in synchronicity due to a slight misalignment, chiropractors identify the condition as a subluxation. Regular chiropractic care can eliminate subluxations along with the accompanying pain.

Realigning the vertebrae restores the patient’s range of motion. This realignment allows the muscles, joints, and tendons to function normally. A chiropractor relieves subluxations by applying controlled force with precise manual adjustments.

Whiplash is a common injury in car crashes. Injury to the neck occurs when the head moves suddenly in one direction before snapping back to its original position. This violent action tears ligaments and muscles in the neck. The victim may feel intense pain from irritated or stretched nerves.

Some accident victims may not experience symptoms for weeks after the incident. The most common complaints include dizziness, headaches, and pain in the lower back, hands, shoulders, or arms. Chiropractors complete a physical examination before devising a personalized regimen to restore proper motion, reduce inflammation, and help speed up recovery.

Chiropractic care does not rely on any prescription medications or surgical procedures. The approach is noninvasive and practitioners take a holistic view when helping patients. Chiropractors offer patients advice about diet, exercise and the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.

Seeking out chiropractic care is an effective way for car accident victims to eliminate pain. Patients of all ages can benefit without taking potentially harmful pharmaceuticals or undergoing a risky surgical procedure. Chiropractors offer natural ways for patients to eliminate pain and heal faster after a car accident.

Find out how a qualified and experienced Dallas GA chiropractor helps auto accident victims get pain relief. To make an appointment with this practitioner, visit our site now at

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