Keep Your Spine Healthy With A Dallas GA Chiropractic Office

The epidemic of obesity that is currently raging in nearly every country is a well-known source of diabetes and heart problems, but few people realize that those extra pounds can also affect the skeletal system. A Dallas GA chiropractor helps people eliminate unnecessary weight gain while combating associated back pain.

When discomfort affects any region of the spine due to extra pounds, the entire body pays a penalty in the form of additional health problems. Physically, there may be more sick days taken, and lack of mobility increases depression and encourages a negative outlook. Favorite clothes may no longer fit, and simply walking becomes a challenge.

The spine is especially vulnerable to weight gain because it supports the entire body, and responds quickly to additional stress. The chiropractic approach to pain management is holistic in nature, meaning that a problem in one system is not seen as an isolated issue, but rather as one that can significantly affect other organs.

The initial discomfort can be targeted by gently manipulating the individual vertebra. Even a small deviation in the bone structure can cause pinching of the interior nerves, especially in the lower back. Re-positioning those bones releases the pressure, and after a series of adjustments the pain often diminishes or even disappears.

While many people turn to prescription medications for relief, an exercise program is generally longer-lasting, reduces pain effectively, and is not physically addicting. Chiropractors recommend age-appropriate activities that will not only strengthen muscles and burn calories, but also help create a healthier mental outlook.

When necessary, a chiropractor can make referrals to other physicians, but seeks to solve common health issues by attacking the real source of those problems. Diet, exercise, and healthy weight maintenance are all part of a healthier lifestyle, and when combined with skeletal adjustments help combat chronic pain and eliminate harmful weight gain.

You can get fast hand, elbow, shoulder and spine pain relief through chiropractic care. Click here for more information about a well-trained Dallas GA chiropractor at now.

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