Hiram GA Chiropractic Office Helps Relieve Upper Back Pain Safely

The human spinal column is a complicated series of small hollow bones. They are separated by protective discs between them. They protect the spinal cord that runs through them. A leading Hiram GA Chiropractor helps individuals with upper back pain.

Individuals who sit in front of a computer all day at work are often troubled by upper back pain. The neck and shoulders may be affected as well. There are many other possible causes for this type of pain.

Muscular irritation is one such possibility. It occurs when the large back muscles that attach the shoulders to the scapula are irritated. Joint dysfunction is another cause.

It is advisable to turn to chiropractic care for alleviation. As this health care practitioner can explain, joint dysfunction or vertebral subluxation may be the root cause of your hurt. Your first office appointment will be devoted to discussing the cause and duration of the pain.

In many cases a physical examination of the spine and range-of-motion testing will identify the source. However, an x-ray may be necessary. Magnetic resonance imaging is another possibility for clarification of the injury.

Prior to any care plan being put into motion, a chiropractor will complete a comprehensive evaluation. Following that it is often determined that spinal adjustments will serve to correct the subluxation, which is a misalignment of one or more of the vertebrae. The adjustments will gradually move them into the correct position.

When they are aligned correctly any pressure against the sensitive nerve roots will be relieved. Reducing that pressure will alleviate the pain. Adding massage to the program of care will add to the rehabilitation.

Chiropractic care is favored by so many individuals because of two major factors. For one, it is a non-invasive method. Secondly, it does not rely on prescription or over-the-counter pain medications, which may become addictive. With chiropractic intervention the pain is reduced to a tolerable level without creating another problem, namely addiction.

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