Dallas GA Chiropractic Office Helps Slip Disc Sufferers

The spinal disc herniation is often referred to as a slipped disc. These discs are located between the vertebrae that comprise the spinal column. They serve to cushion the pressure of one bone pressing against another as the Dallas GA Pain Management Chiropractor can explain.

Each intervertebral disc contains a soft, gel-like substance. A hernia is the result of a rupture in the fibrous outer layer that protrudes from between the vertebrae. The condition results in minor to excruciating pain.

During the first appointment, a chiropractor will do an evaluation to determine the cause of the hurting. This will help in planning care that will alleviate it. It may begin with a series of questions.

The possible cause of the condition is important to note. How long you have been experiencing the hurt is relevant. The severity of that pain is the main concern.

A medical history will be taken and a physical exam performed. Important factors include how well your reflexes are responding and whether the muscles are weak. There might also be a loss of feeling along one or more nerve paths.

Further testing may be required to make a thorough evaluation. Sometimes an x-ray is ordered. In some cases poor posture can be the cause.

After an assessment is completed, care to alleviate the hurt can be put into motion. One action that is likely to be effective is a series of spinal adjustments. A program of mild exercises may be added to help improve the condition between appointments.

Each care plan is individualized and dependent on overall condition, age and other factors. One case may seem identical to another when viewed by the untrained eye. Only the chiropractor is qualified to determine what care is optimal.

The spinal adjustments used to lessen the pain of a herniated disc are gentle. In some cases, it will be reduced after a short time. Of course, each person progresses at a different pace. Discuss expectations of how soon you may expect alleviation of the condition that is impacting your life.

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