Dallas GA, Chiropractic Office Helps Locals Get Relief From Tension Headaches

PRESS RELEASE: Dallas GA, 10-FEBRUARY-2014 – Back In Line Chiropractic Spine & Injury Professional Center and Dr. LaDonna C. Bense DC, Dallas GA pain management chiropractor, are pleased to announce that tension headaches can be relieved through the techniques offered by chiropractic medicine. Headaches of this type are common, but most people do not realize that they can be helped through chiropractics. The relief measures are customized, natural and do not rely on pharmaceuticals to alleviate pain.

Dallas GA pain management authority, Dr. LaDonna C. Bense DC explained to an interviewer recently, “During your first visit, I will explain how chiropractic care works and give you a complete examination to see if chiropractic care is the right choice for you. If we can help, we will tailor a chiropractic care plan to meet your needs, goals and unique medical and physical condition.”

She continues, “Tension headaches are the most common type of headache pain. It usually is caused by lack of sleep, skipping meals, increased stress, eyestrain, poor posture, anxiety or over exertion. We identify a list of potential causes and work with the patient to eliminate the problem areas from the patient’s lifestyle.”

Some of the techniques that are linked to headache pain relief include stress relief, better posture, massage, more nutritional meals and getting enough sleep. Chiropractors have suggestions for lifestyle changes and nutritional improvement. They can identify exercises to improve posture. Ergonomic reviews may also help to improve health.

Learn more about tension headache pain and how to alleviate it by visiting the web pages here at http://www.YourBackInLineNow.com today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions about the details of this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. LaDonna C. Bense DC at the location which is presented below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. LaDonna C. Bense DC

Company Name: Back In Line Chiropractic

Address: 110 Evans Mill Drive, Suite 105, Dallas GA 30157

Contact Telephone Number: (770) 505-5665

Email: info@YourBackInLineNow.com

Website: http://www.YourBackInLineNow.com

Summary: Back In Line Chiropractic is a well-respected chiropractic clinic that has solutions for alleviating pain and increasing the rate of healing. No drugs or invasive measures are required for chiropractic medicine.

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